FANOFBEAUTY Privacy Policy fanofbeauty ( describes the following guidelines to protect the privacy and personal information of the user's privacy by protecting privacy and protecting the privacy of personal information. Fanofbeauty will be notified via a website notice (or individual notices) if the company revises its privacy policy. From this date, it will be launched from January 15. 1. Address of personal information processing Fanofbeauty handles personal information for the following purposes : Personal information will not be used for purposes other than the following purposes and will require prior consent when the purpose of use is changed. - Membership and management of homepage members Personal information is processed for identification, certification, membership, and management of member services. - Deliver goods or services Address your personal information for servicing purposes, billing, and settlement. - Leverage marketing and advertising Processes personal information for new services (product) development and customization services, event and advertising information delivery, participation frequency, identification of member services, or statistics for use of member services. 2. Personal information file status. - Personal information is stored in the Server's database. - Personal Information Items : Gender, Name, Job, Body Information, Connection Log, Payment History - Collection methods : homepage and application - Based on evidence : Service use - Period : Without delay, destruct all when delete account. 3. Handling and retention of personal information - fanofbeauty describes personally identifiable information, such as personal information retention, or personal information retention, or personal information retention, during the period of consent or use of personal information. - Personal information regarding the member registration and management of the homepage is used for the purposes of the use of the above Agreement for the purposes of membership and use. 4. Information on the third party provision of personal information Fanofbeauty provides only personal information to third parties pursuant to each countries law. 5. Information subject rights, responsibilities and user generated personnel can exercise the following rights as a personal information subject. - Information subject to fanofbeauty can be exercised at any time of the week. A. Require personal information access B. Correct correction if there are errors C. Delete request D. Stop processing requirement 6. Complete the entries of the personal information processing Fanofbeauty is currently processing the following personal information items : - Subscribe to homepage member and management - mandatory items : gender, job, physical information, access logs 7. Demolition of personal information Fanofbeauty, in principle, violates the personal information, if the purpose of the individual information is achieved in principle.Procedure for the procedure, expiration date and method is as follows. - Removal procedure : The information stored in the user is transferred to the separate DB (separate documents) after the end of the object (separate paper for the paper) and immediately stored or immediately stored in a separate document or other related statute.Personal information that is carried out on DB is not used for other purposes unless it is provided by law. - Removal date : If the user's personal information has expired within 5 days of the expiration date, the personal information will be deleted from the date of disposal of personal information within 5 days of the expiration date of the personal information, i.e. the disposal of personal information, such as the termination of the expiration date, and the cancellation of the personal information. - Removal method : Information in the form of electronic files uses a technical method that can not be played. 8. Secure the safety of personal information. Fanofbeauty is responsible for the technical and physical actions required to secure the following safety measures according to Article 29 of the Privacy Act. - Minimize personnel handling and education : assigning individual information to employees who handle individual information and constrain them to manage individual information. - Access to personal information : Access to personal information, change, and delete access to personal information through access to personal information, change the access control system, and control the access control system to control unauthorized access. - Access to biingaja Control : Placing a separate control procedure for storing and operating the physical storage area for storing personal information. 9 Privacy safeguards Fanofbeauty is responsible for the personal information processing and disposal of personal information, such as personal information processing and disposal of personal information related to personal information processing. Privacy safeguards Name : Jack Kim Position : CEO Position : CEO Contacts : 07078476777, You can inquire personally identifiable information about all personal information protection incidents, complaints, complaints, and remedies arising out of the service (or business) of business. Fanofbeauty (fanofbeauty) will promptly respond and process information without delay of the information subject to contact business. 10. Changing the Privacy Statement This Privacy Policy will be enforced from the enforcement date and will be notified by the Enforcement Decree of the Enforcement Decree of the Enforcement Decree of the Regulations for the Enforcement Decree of the Regulations, including changes in the regulations, deletion and correction.